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At SEES Group, we work to support you! If you’ve ever found yourself in need of more than two hands to manage the business aspect of your practice, a practice management partnership with SEES Management Solutions might be the next best step for you.  When you engage SEES Group as your Physician Practice Management Partner (PPMP), you delegate responsibility for non-clinical business services that take you away from your patients to our operational experts. 

SEES Management Solutions runs efficient and productive physician practices by providing expertise in the following areas with special expertise in the field of ophthalmology:

Why SEES Group as Your PPMP?
Human Resources Administration

We provide Human Resources support including on-boarding, training, staffing, retention, benefits, compensation, policies and more.

Marketing and Practice Development

A combination of marketing, sales, and social media strategies work together to help you meet your full potential.

Operations Management

SEES Group offers professional resources to support your office functions and growth initiatives allowing you and your team to focus on providing great patient care.

Information Technology

HIPAA compliant technology platform allows you to scale hardware and software to adapt to your growing practice.

Revenue Cycle Management

Get paid faster and on time with our payer services that maximize provider reimbursements and minimize the wait.

Regulatory Compliance, Including HIPAA Privacy and Cybersecurity Risk Management

We pledge to support you in providing quality patient care while conducting business in full accordance with the law and business ethics

Accounting & Financial Services

Our accounting, vendor & supply management, and analytical support let you focus on what matters most: caring for your patients and increasing the efficiency of your practice.

Facility Support

SEES Group Facility Management provides each facility staff with the support and expertise they need to maintain an excellent environment of care and ensure the safety and security of both patients and staff.

Payer Enrollment and Facility Credentialing

Our team unravels the complex process of credentialing our providers and facilities in payor networks to ensure timely reimbursement along with ongoing contract management.

What to Look for When Choosing a Physician Practice Management Partner

Not only should your PPMP have expertise in the administrative areas necessary to run an efficient and competitive practice, there are also areas that should be strongly considered when selecting your partner.

  • Does the prospective PPMP share your philosophy and values when it comes to patient care and how business is conducted?

  • Does the PPMP have unique knowledge or experience in managing practices within your sub-specialty or geographic region?

Why SEES Group as Your PPMP?

Our expert team will support and strengthen the operational and administrative capabilities needed to help your practice succeed and grow, allowing you more time to focus on your patients. 

In addition, our Practice Development Managers (PDM) play an important role in marketing the services of our physicians and their practices to our extensive referral network of community optometrists and community physicians. Our PDMs cultivate and maintain these relationships in the community by:

Why SEES Group as Your PPMP?
  • Developing new market opportunities and helping each practice find ways to achieve their growth goals.
  • Regularly meeting with our referral network in each community to promote our physicians and their services.
  • Maintaining ongoing social media, digital marketing, reputation management and traditional marketing initiatives.

In addition, the SEES Continuing Education Department regularly hosts webinars and educational events to promote our physicians to referring optometrists and their eye care teams.

If you are interested in learning more about a SEES Management Solutions practice management partnership, please reach out to our SEES Group Corporate Development Team at 615-234-0450 or email corpdevelopment@theseesgroup.com.